lunedì 19 maggio 2008

NEW MIX ! May 2008 Listen and Download

Some new entries in this May mix. Made for dancers! Enjoy it! Luis

Let's party!!!

Saturday 24th May
The New New New Super Heavy
Dancing Soulful Saturday
Every Week at Puddhu Bar,
Po river Murazzi - Downtown Torino


Oscar Peterson Trio - Mumbles- Mercury
Davey Jones - I'm In Pain - APT
Rudy Stewart - Baby You Goofed - Uptite
Little Ray - Come Swim with Me - Faro
FrankieLee - I Love The Gogo Girls - IA
Bobby Guy - Good Enought - APT
Sonny Forest - Travellin - Verve
Gene McDaniels-Sweet Lover No More-Columbia
The Tip Tops - A Little Bit More - Roulette
Screamin Jay Hawkins Put A Spell On You Decca
Betty Wilson - Don't Give Up - Dayco
Sarah James - Takin Care Of Businness - Faro
James Crawford - Much Too Much - Mercury
Elbie Parker - Lucky Guy - Veep

2 commenti:

Three hundrend pounds of joy ha detto...

Thanks for these brilliant selections!
We want more though.

John Engstrom ha detto...

By any chance, can you post the flip side of "I'm In Pain" by Davey Jones "Let's Do It"? I enjoy your music. Thanks.