lunedì 12 novembre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: Roberto Y Su Nuevo Montuno (Bobby Valentin) "El Yerbero Del Barrio" (Fania De Panama 8015)

Click on the label and listen!

Here in Soulful Torino we cure ourself with the same treatments Bobby Valentin gives to his barrio brothers. If you know some spanish hear the tune and find what we're talkin' about.
The song is dedicated to Bruno a.k.a The Preacher, one of the founders of the original Soulful Crew, who celebrated his birthday yesterday 11-11 together with Luis.

Soon a Latin Soul compilation will be on!

giovedì 8 novembre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: The Fabulous Ottomans "Shake Shout And Soul"

Click on the turban headed guys from Barcelona and listen some explosive gritty rock and soul!!!
it's the title track of their new
great 7"EP.

It's two month we're spinning it at Dancing Soulful Saturday and it never fails to shake the dancefloor fitting perfectly in a 50 -60 R&B selection.
So go to their blog and buy straightaway a copy!