giovedì 13 dicembre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: La Lupe "Fever" (Mercury 72149)

Click on the label and get the fever!

The Queen of Latin Soul, La Ji Ji Ji.
La Lupe
in one of the best version ever of Little Willie John' classic.

martedì 11 dicembre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: Jimmy Nicol "Husky" - "Night Train" (Pye Denmark)


This is the great Danish print of Jimmy Nicol' Husky, on the flip there's a very nice cover of James Brown' Night Train!

Jimmy's been a temporary member of The Beatles and toured Australia while Ringo was hospitalised with tonsillitis. (all about on wiki).

1964 Australian Tv footage:

The interview leaving Australia:

giovedì 6 dicembre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: Jasper Woods - Hully Gully Papa (VPM 1009 A)

Click on the label an listen!

Featured in our previous Party Mix, this is a great R&B dancer found this summer for few bucks in the wounderful,
Rooky Ricardo's record shop in Haight Street, S. Francisco.

mercoledì 5 dicembre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: Gentlemen Jude Gardner "It's Gonna Rain" (Emarcy E-4050)

Click on the label and listen!

Gentlemen Jude Garden does a version of Sonny Bono It's Gonna Rain.

This song has been used as the overture for The Fabolous Soulfulettes Dancing Show who greatly debuted last Saturday in our weekly venue.
All the pics are featured now on the
Dancing Soulful Party Blog! Shake Baby Shake!

lunedì 12 novembre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: Roberto Y Su Nuevo Montuno (Bobby Valentin) "El Yerbero Del Barrio" (Fania De Panama 8015)

Click on the label and listen!

Here in Soulful Torino we cure ourself with the same treatments Bobby Valentin gives to his barrio brothers. If you know some spanish hear the tune and find what we're talkin' about.
The song is dedicated to Bruno a.k.a The Preacher, one of the founders of the original Soulful Crew, who celebrated his birthday yesterday 11-11 together with Luis.

Soon a Latin Soul compilation will be on!

giovedì 8 novembre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: The Fabulous Ottomans "Shake Shout And Soul"

Click on the turban headed guys from Barcelona and listen some explosive gritty rock and soul!!!
it's the title track of their new
great 7"EP.

It's two month we're spinning it at Dancing Soulful Saturday and it never fails to shake the dancefloor fitting perfectly in a 50 -60 R&B selection.
So go to their blog and buy straightaway a copy!

giovedì 25 ottobre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: Jackie Shane "Comin' Down" (Sue 788)

Click on the label and listen
the fabolous, the flamboyante, the effeminate
Jackie Shane!

Lounge singer Jackie Shane was considered very risquè during the more subdued Toronto club era of the early 1960's. As a black androgynous soul singer, often backed by Frank Motley And The Hitchhikers (featuring saxophonist King Herbert) at the Sapphire Club, Shane commanded overflow crowds as much for his silky smooth voice as for his flamboyant effeminate stage persona. With constant club engagements throughout Canada and parts of the US as far away as California and Hawaii, Shane was able to release his one and only hit record, "Any Other Way", in April 1963. The song reached No. 2 in Canada and sustained itself on the charts for 9 consecutive weeks. To capitalize on his popularity he also recorded a live album but by the late 1960's drifted into obscurity. Many rumours have circulated over the years about his untimely death but none have ever been confirmed. Shane's whereabouts is unknown.
(from the canadian website )

The pics are gently stolen from the great queermusicheritage a U.S. website about gay & lesbian music.

martedì 23 ottobre 2007

45 SPOTLIGHT: Bill Pinkney "I Do The Jerk" - "Don't Call Me"

Click on the labels to listen the tunes!

This is a great doublesider!
Bill Pinkney, one of the Drifters, recorded in 1964 this Fontana single produced by The Godfather of Soul Mr.James Brown.
Listen both sides!
I Do The Jerk is a 100mph dancer, Don't Call me sounds like a mid-tempo northern tune.
Which one do you prefer?

All about the Drifters and Bill Pinkney on MARV GOLDBERG'S R&B NOTEBOOKS

mercoledì 10 ottobre 2007

Swinging Soul and Jazzy Tunes MIX

Click on Mr Jimmy Smith and swing your ass off!

Click on the labels for large view.

1 James Brown - Who s Afraid Of Virginia Wolfe (Smash)
2 Cozy Cole - Topsy (part 2)
3 Les McCann - Burnin Coal (Atlantic)
4 Mark Murphy - Why Don t You Do Wright (Riverside)
5 Joung Holt Trio - Ain t There Something That Money Can Buy (Brunswik)
6 Lou Donaldson - Signifying
7 Brother Jack McDuff - Hot Barbeque
8 Van Prince And Orchestra - Adlon Hully Gully Part One (Adlon)
9 Carmen McRae with Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (Columbia)
10 Jimmy Smith - I Got My Mojo Workin (Verve)
11 Big John Patton - Fat Judy (Blue Note)
12 Mel Torme - Comin Home (Atlantic)
13 The Ray Charles Orchestra - Side Winder (Tangerine)
14 The Buddy Rich Big Band - Big Mama Cass (Pacific Jazz)
15 Les McCan and Eddie Harris - Compared To What (Atlanic)

martedì 18 settembre 2007

Soulful Party Mix Vol. 1 ---- September 2007 ----

Need music for your house parties?
Prepare Yourself a drink,
then click the cover above
and listen it loudly!!!

Here's the first number of the "Soulful Party Mix". A selection of our parties hottest tunes.
Real R&B and Soul Dancers for quality ass shakin' !!!

1 Jasper Woods - Hully Gully Papa (VPM)
2 Mel Torme - Right Now
3 Lonnie Russ - My Wife Can't Cook (4 Records)
4 Lavern Baker - Jim Dandy (Atlantic)
5 Richard Barry And The Pharaons - Have Love Will Travel
6 Jimmy Cliff - Let's Dance (Fontana)
7 Smokey Robinson - Mickey's Monkey
8 The Fabolous Ottomans - Shake Shout And Soul
9 Mary Night - I Thought I Told Not To Tell You
10 Jerry Williams Boogaloo Baby
(Clan-juke box)
11 Prince Harold - Baby You Got Me (Mercury)
12 Elvis Presley - Rubberneckin (RCA)
13 The Pyramids - Shakin Fit (Vee-Jay)
14 George Weiner - Shout
(Top Six)
15 Ricky Dee - Work Out Part One (NewTown)

Soulful Sisters Mix -- Ping Pong match!

For your delight, a back to back compilation made by Luis and Jimmy, one track each, with all female Soul, R&B and Funk.

Click the cover to listen!
to save it: right click, save as.

1 Ella Ma Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog (Peacock)
2 Cathy Saunders - Restless (Edit)
3 Barbara Lynn - I m a Good Woman (Tribe)
4 Baby Washington - I Got A Feeling (Sue)
5 Carl Henry Hall - Summertime (Mercury)
6 Ella Fitzgerald - These Boots Are Made For Walking (Salle)
7 Barbara And Brenda - Let s Get Together (Avanti)
8 Baby Jean - If You Wanna (Stacy)
9 Maxine Brown - I Got A Funny Kind Of Feeling (ABC)
10 Du - Ettes - Please Forgive Me (One-Derful)
11 The Sweethearts - They Talk Too Much (H-III)
12 Ike and Tina Turner - Tina Dilemma (Sue)
13 Jessie Mae - Don't Freeze On Me (Dra)
14 The Twans - I Cant See Him Again (Dade)
15 Bobbettes - Happy Go Lucky Me (RCA)
16 Marva Whitney - Things Got To Get Better (King)
17 Little Denice - You Can Teach Me New Thing (Ruthies)
18 Della Reese - Compared To What (Avco)
19 Etta James - Tighten Up With Your Own Things (Cadet)
20 Sugar Pie De Santo - Soulful Dress (Checker)
21 Pat Powdrill - Do It (Downey)
22 Aretha Franklin - Are You Sure (Columbia)
23 Marie Knight - I Told I Told You Not To Tell Them (Baton)
24 Ruth Brown - Mama (Philips)
25 Valorie Keys - Listen Here (Double Shot)
26 Carol Fran - I'm Gonna Try (Port)

Soulful Party Mix Vol. 2 ---- September 2007 ----

Another chapter of the "Soulful Party Mix"

Are you ready to dance to the Volume 2?
Click the cover!

Second episode of the Party Selection. Here You'll find some of our favourite 45s at the moment.
As usual R&B, Soul and Funk and even a weird twist tune, B Side of Torino F.C anthem in the '60. Bolide Rosso (Red Roadster) is obviously our favourite football team. Forza Toro!!!!!!!!

1 Isley Brothers - I Say Love (Wand)
2 Gary Us Bond - New Orleans ( Legrand)
3 Gentlemen Jude Gardner - Last Night (Emarcy)
4 Marco Antony e i Suoi Twisters - Bolide Rosso (Fonola)
5 Unknown - Dance The Slurp (7Eleven)
6 The Olympics - What I d Say (Arvee)
7 Trini Lopez - Unchain my heart (Reprise)
8 Hector Rivera - I Want A Chance For Romance (Souful Torino)
9 Rock Robbins Good Lovin (MY)
10 Rocky Roberts - T Bird (Roulette)
11 Lil Murray And The Soul Exciters - Open The Door To Your Heart (Tammy)
12 Pervis La Vawn - Crossin Over (BlackJack)
13 Wess - Crazy (Durium)
14 Rodge Martin - Lovin Machine (Bragg)
15 Emmett Kennedy - If You Got Soul (MarKee)
16 The Sweet Vandals - Mama Got A Brand New Bag (Unique)

As you will noticed, despite others, we love covers!

venerdì 31 agosto 2007

NEW RELEASE: STR 002 Monster Sister Funk doublesider !!!



01 October 2007



Available from 1 October 2007 on limited edition 45Rpm/Digital download

Second release for our label Soulful Torino Records.
After the huge success of the first single, Hector Rivera “Chance For Romance", here's another 45 that will please all the record lovers in the world. Two little funky sisters are demanding their attention!

On side A the gritty r'n'b'-funk of
Yvonne Fair “Say Yeah Yeah”.
Originally released in 1963 on
Dade Records has been produced
by the Godfather of Soul Mr. James Brown
and was recorded with the backing support
of the Famous Flames. Yvonne Fair was,
along with Marva Whitney and Lynn Collins,
part of the legendary Revue of the Soul Brother
Number One.

On side B the twelve years
Little Denice sings “Check Me Out”
a sister funk monster produced by
Jimmy McCracklin, the legendary
bluesman who wrote, together with
Lowell Fulsom, the Soul classic Tramp,
covered by Otis Redding and
Carla Thomas. Released in the late
sixties on Ruthies Record a label
founded by the owners of the
omonimous club in the Bay Area.

RELEASE DATE 1 OCTOBER 2007 - LIMITED EDITION 45Rpm / Digital download

Be The first! Order here a copy! Support the label and buy copies directly from us!

-- info A T soulfultorino D O T it

1 copy 6 €/4GBP/8USD
shipping is:
Italy 1.50 gbp - 2.50 €
Europe 2.50 gbp
rest of the world 3.00 gbp
additional 45s 0.50 gbp each

each additional 45 0.50 gbp

Payments: Paypal (

Cash ( at sender risk )

martedì 3 luglio 2007


Soulful Torino Records new born label from SOULFUL and Record kicks indipendent rare groovelabel from Milan join their forces to reissue the giant latin soul hit "I WANT A CHANCE FOR ROMANCE" by latin legend HECTOR RIVERA. The track was originally recorded back in 1967 and it's probably the most infectious latin soul monster ever recorded. The keyboardist, arranger and composer Hector Rivera like the more famed Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers, Ray Barretto and Joe Bataan, was one of the most renowned performers of the Latin BOOGALOO era. His biggest hit was "At the party" which became very popular at the end of the 60s. " I Want a chance for romance" was released in the same period and has been a massive spin on all soul, mod and deep funk dancefloors for over 30 years. On the B side, for the first time on 7", the groovy instrumental version.

Support the label, buy copies directly from us! -- info A T soulfultorino D O T it

1 copy 6 EUR/4GBP/8USD
shipping is:
Italy 1.50 gbp - 2.50 e
Europe 2.50 gbp
rest of the world 3.00 gbp
additional 45s 0.50 gbp each

each additional 45 0.50 gbp


Jazzman Records:Easily one the best latin dance tracks ever made and a VERY welcome reissue because the original is impossible to find, even if you're loaded. Superb latin soul from the late '60s and you get vocal and instro either side too, you lucky people!

Dusty Grooves: One of the grooviest numbers ever cut by Latin leader Hector Rivera -- a late 60s Latin soul track with a mean mod little hook! The vocals here are all in English, and the rhythms are rompingly soulful -- lots of heavy piano over percussion, and tight horn blasts punctuating the whole groove -- especially after the tune's sock-soul chorus! The flipside features an instrumental that's almost as good as the main track too!


Soulful is a crew of dj's, based in Torino Italy, that spins REAL rnb, from '56 to '75, great afroamerican music: soul, funk, northern and southern soul, latin grooves, dancefloor jazz. Since 2003 Luis and Jimmy make people dance with the weekly DANCING SOULFUL SATURDAY and FRIDAY and as well open-air parties and special one-nights with the best Djs of the international soul-funk scene, such as: Keb Darge, Eddie Piller, Andy Lewis, Russ Dewbury, James Maycock, Ian Wright, Dj Cello, Snowboy.

In a world dominated by awful music we are fighting to promote and diffuse the original good sound!

lunedì 2 luglio 2007


La Soulful Torino Records è lieta di darvi il benvenuto!