venerdì 16 gennaio 2009

Slim from I Mangiadischi (Pescara) guest of Soulful Torino. LISTEN THE MIX!

Guest of the mix section, Dj Slim from Pescara will rock again the sPAZIO211 spinning records at the 4th episode of the allmighty Gran Varietà. (This pic, by Nadia Eblovi, has been taken at the 5th Soulful Bithday, 29th Feb 2008)

1)Carl Lester- When you see me hurt-Brent
2)Tawny Reed-I got a feeling-Red Bird (Usa press)
3)Luther and Little Eva-Ain't got no home-King
4)Barbara & the Browns-I don't want trouble-Stax
5)Ray Charles-I don't need no doctor-Abc
6)Big bo & the Arrows-Big bo's-twist-Duchess
7)Jessie Mae-Don't freeze on me-Dra
8)Billy Guy-If you want to get ahead, shake a leg- Verve
9)Latimore Brown-Say what-Duchess
10)Ruth Brown-As long as i'm moving-Atlantic
11)B.B. King-My baby's comin' home-Abc
12) Baby Jane-If you wanna-Stacy
13)Gene Mc Daniels-Sweet love no more- Columbia
14)Sarah Vaughan-Mama-Roulette
15) Ted Taylor-Somebody's always trying-Okeh
16)Big Ella-The Queen- Rush
17) Mighty Joe Young-Ladies man-Celtex
18)Hindall Butts-In the pocket-M-S records
19)Lou Rawls-When love goes wrong-Capitol
20)Johnny and the Debonaires- The jay hawk-Fenway
21)Sugar Pie Desanto-Soulful dress-Checker
22)Sonny Forest-Travelin'-Verve
23)Aretha Franklin-Rough lover-Columbia
24)Al Perkins-I feel all right- U.s.a records
24)Hank Crawford-Shake a plenty-King