lunedì 10 marzo 2008


MARCH 2008 Mix 1

Shame on us, it's so much we don't post new stuff!
For your delight a selection of soul and r&b: class and classics..
Among it a weird tune singed in italian, the classic Midnite Special, by Nino Ginex Con Orchestra Gino Mescoli and a scratchy french version of Mar-Keys' Last Night.
Enjoy it! Luis.

Click Here to Listen The Mix.
(download: left click save as / tasto destro salva destinazione)

Les-Barons - Last Night - CID
Johnny Little John And Guitar - Kitty O - Margaret
Bobby Peterson - Quintet The Hunch - V Tone
Lavern Baker - Love Me Right - Atlantic
Elvis Presley Let Yourself Go - RCA
SonnyTil - Hey Little Woman - CP Parker
The-Steinways - My Heart s Not In It Anymore - Oliver
Robert Parker - I Caught You In A Lie - Nola
Art Grayson - Bad Dreams - 4Corners Of The World
Elbie Parker - Please Keep Away From Me - Veep
The Metros - Since I Found My Babe - RCA
The Tams - Disillusioned - Arlen
Nino Ginex Con Orchestra Gino Mescoli - Midnite-Special - Phonocolor

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