martedì 18 settembre 2007

Soulful Party Mix Vol. 1 ---- September 2007 ----

Need music for your house parties?
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Here's the first number of the "Soulful Party Mix". A selection of our parties hottest tunes.
Real R&B and Soul Dancers for quality ass shakin' !!!

1 Jasper Woods - Hully Gully Papa (VPM)
2 Mel Torme - Right Now
3 Lonnie Russ - My Wife Can't Cook (4 Records)
4 Lavern Baker - Jim Dandy (Atlantic)
5 Richard Barry And The Pharaons - Have Love Will Travel
6 Jimmy Cliff - Let's Dance (Fontana)
7 Smokey Robinson - Mickey's Monkey
8 The Fabolous Ottomans - Shake Shout And Soul
9 Mary Night - I Thought I Told Not To Tell You
10 Jerry Williams Boogaloo Baby
(Clan-juke box)
11 Prince Harold - Baby You Got Me (Mercury)
12 Elvis Presley - Rubberneckin (RCA)
13 The Pyramids - Shakin Fit (Vee-Jay)
14 George Weiner - Shout
(Top Six)
15 Ricky Dee - Work Out Part One (NewTown)

Soulful Sisters Mix -- Ping Pong match!

For your delight, a back to back compilation made by Luis and Jimmy, one track each, with all female Soul, R&B and Funk.

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1 Ella Ma Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog (Peacock)
2 Cathy Saunders - Restless (Edit)
3 Barbara Lynn - I m a Good Woman (Tribe)
4 Baby Washington - I Got A Feeling (Sue)
5 Carl Henry Hall - Summertime (Mercury)
6 Ella Fitzgerald - These Boots Are Made For Walking (Salle)
7 Barbara And Brenda - Let s Get Together (Avanti)
8 Baby Jean - If You Wanna (Stacy)
9 Maxine Brown - I Got A Funny Kind Of Feeling (ABC)
10 Du - Ettes - Please Forgive Me (One-Derful)
11 The Sweethearts - They Talk Too Much (H-III)
12 Ike and Tina Turner - Tina Dilemma (Sue)
13 Jessie Mae - Don't Freeze On Me (Dra)
14 The Twans - I Cant See Him Again (Dade)
15 Bobbettes - Happy Go Lucky Me (RCA)
16 Marva Whitney - Things Got To Get Better (King)
17 Little Denice - You Can Teach Me New Thing (Ruthies)
18 Della Reese - Compared To What (Avco)
19 Etta James - Tighten Up With Your Own Things (Cadet)
20 Sugar Pie De Santo - Soulful Dress (Checker)
21 Pat Powdrill - Do It (Downey)
22 Aretha Franklin - Are You Sure (Columbia)
23 Marie Knight - I Told I Told You Not To Tell Them (Baton)
24 Ruth Brown - Mama (Philips)
25 Valorie Keys - Listen Here (Double Shot)
26 Carol Fran - I'm Gonna Try (Port)

Soulful Party Mix Vol. 2 ---- September 2007 ----

Another chapter of the "Soulful Party Mix"

Are you ready to dance to the Volume 2?
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Second episode of the Party Selection. Here You'll find some of our favourite 45s at the moment.
As usual R&B, Soul and Funk and even a weird twist tune, B Side of Torino F.C anthem in the '60. Bolide Rosso (Red Roadster) is obviously our favourite football team. Forza Toro!!!!!!!!

1 Isley Brothers - I Say Love (Wand)
2 Gary Us Bond - New Orleans ( Legrand)
3 Gentlemen Jude Gardner - Last Night (Emarcy)
4 Marco Antony e i Suoi Twisters - Bolide Rosso (Fonola)
5 Unknown - Dance The Slurp (7Eleven)
6 The Olympics - What I d Say (Arvee)
7 Trini Lopez - Unchain my heart (Reprise)
8 Hector Rivera - I Want A Chance For Romance (Souful Torino)
9 Rock Robbins Good Lovin (MY)
10 Rocky Roberts - T Bird (Roulette)
11 Lil Murray And The Soul Exciters - Open The Door To Your Heart (Tammy)
12 Pervis La Vawn - Crossin Over (BlackJack)
13 Wess - Crazy (Durium)
14 Rodge Martin - Lovin Machine (Bragg)
15 Emmett Kennedy - If You Got Soul (MarKee)
16 The Sweet Vandals - Mama Got A Brand New Bag (Unique)

As you will noticed, despite others, we love covers!