martedì 18 settembre 2007

Soulful Party Mix Vol. 1 ---- September 2007 ----

Need music for your house parties?
Prepare Yourself a drink,
then click the cover above
and listen it loudly!!!

Here's the first number of the "Soulful Party Mix". A selection of our parties hottest tunes.
Real R&B and Soul Dancers for quality ass shakin' !!!

1 Jasper Woods - Hully Gully Papa (VPM)
2 Mel Torme - Right Now
3 Lonnie Russ - My Wife Can't Cook (4 Records)
4 Lavern Baker - Jim Dandy (Atlantic)
5 Richard Barry And The Pharaons - Have Love Will Travel
6 Jimmy Cliff - Let's Dance (Fontana)
7 Smokey Robinson - Mickey's Monkey
8 The Fabolous Ottomans - Shake Shout And Soul
9 Mary Night - I Thought I Told Not To Tell You
10 Jerry Williams Boogaloo Baby
(Clan-juke box)
11 Prince Harold - Baby You Got Me (Mercury)
12 Elvis Presley - Rubberneckin (RCA)
13 The Pyramids - Shakin Fit (Vee-Jay)
14 George Weiner - Shout
(Top Six)
15 Ricky Dee - Work Out Part One (NewTown)

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