lunedì 22 febbraio 2010


Our friend Piddu kindly sent us a superb mix of Jamaican Rythm and Blues. He lives in Cuneo, it's 20 years that collects mento, r'n'b, ska, rocksteady, early reggae, calypso.... on 45.
This Saturday, 27th of February, he will be guest at Velvet Soul Club, don't miss the party!
Quality music for dancers!
(Velvet, Via Silvio Pellico 23 Torino - mindnight till late )

Click Here and Listen - Download !

OWEN GREY “Mash It” (Starlite)-196?
BOBBY KINGDOM “Honey Please” (Blue Beat)-1961
AZIE LAWRENCE “Jamaica Blues” (Melodisc)-1960
OWEN GREY & THE JETS “Nobody Else” (Blue Beat)-1962
RUDY & SKETTO “Abc Boogie” (Dice)-1962
DUKE REID’S GROUP “Pink Lane Shuffle” (Duke)-196?
LAUREL AITKEN “Back To New Orleans” (Starline)-1962
LAUREL & OWEN “She’s Gone To Napoli” (Blue Beat)-1963
THEO BECKFORD “Jack & Jill Shuffle” (Blue Beat)-1961
LLOYD CLARKE “Parapinto Boogie” (Blue Beat)-1961
SONNY BURKE GROUP “Mount Vesuvius” (Island)-1964
CHUCK & DOBBY “Lovey Dovey” (Starlite)-196?
GIRL SATCHMO “My New Honey” (Blue Beat)-1962
OWEN GREY “On The Beach” (Dice)-1960
LAUREL AITKEN “Boogie In My Bones” (Jamaica R’N’B)-1959
TONY WASHINGTON “But I Do” (Black Swan)-196?
PRINCE BUSTER “Open Up Bartender” (Blue Beat)-196?
CLUE J & HIS BLUES BLASTERS “Silky” (Blue Beat)-196?
LAUREL AITKEN “Love Me Baby” (Wirl)-196?
JIVING JUNIORS “Slop’n’Mash” (Starlite)-1960
KEITH & ENID “Sacred Vow” (Dice)-1963
BASIL GABBIDON “Going Back To Jamaica” (Blue Beat)-1962
JACKIE OPEL “Fly Me To The Moon” (Island)-196?
DANDY “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer” (Ska Beat)-1967
BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES “Mash! Mr. Lee” (Blue Beat)-196?
PRINCESS BUSTER “Ten Coomadaments From Woman To Man” (King)-196?